Learning-as-a-game in the Cloud

26 Sep , 2013  

In this paper presented at MicroLearning 7.0 in 2013 a deep insight on real world experience with micro learning in a training on the job environment is discussed.

Abstract: Mobility has become a crucial issue in learning. Current mobile phone platforms create the stepping stone More…


Take a Penny, Leave a Penny OR Scaling out to off-premise unused Cloud Resources

21 Sep , 2013  

During our current efforts in creating a platform for large-scale temporal graph analysis cloud based service play an important role. Most importantly fully automated deployment of compute clusters such as Hadoop, Storm, and S4 clusters on top of heterogenous Cloud systems are a More…


Best Idea in the ECA Regional Mobile Application Contest

25 Jun , 2013  

Orif Orifov ECMA Cheque

I am happy to announce that my friend and colleague Orif Orifov, who worked together with me and our group on research agendas regarding mobile- and micro-learning, was able to submit our current research project “KursKoffer” to the ECA Regional Mobile Application contestMore…


Platform for general-purpose distributed Data-Mining on large dynamic Graphs

21 Jun , 2013  

In this paper presented at WETICE 2013 in Hammamet, Tunisia, we present an approach to data mining on arbitrary graph data that uses a cloud-based distributed computing model for dynamic provisioning of computing resources as the graph model grows or shrinks. More…


Reality Mining at the Convergence of Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing

29 Apr , 2013  

During any social interaction, nonverbal social signals convey just as much information as the conversation itself. While transmitting and analysing conversation is quite a common task for machines, the transmission and analysis of social signals is not. The convergence of cloud computing and mobile computing leads to More…


Building an On-Demand Virtual Computing Market in Non-Commercial Communities

23 Mar , 2013  

In our paper building an on-demand virtual computing market in non-commercial communities, presented at the 28th Symposium on Applied Computing in Coimbra, Portugal in 2013 we describe a system that enables non-commercial communities, e.g. students and researchers, to More…