Building an On-Demand Virtual Computing Market in Non-Commercial Communities

23 Mar , 2013  

In our paper building an on-demand virtual computing market in non-commercial communities, presented at the 28th Symposium on Applied Computing in Coimbra, Portugal in 2013 we describe a system that enables non-commercial communities, e.g. students and researchers, to deploy pre- configured clusters of virtual machines on arbitrary cloud computing stacks implementing the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI). As a key enabling technology, the virtualization and provisioning available in such infrastructure as a service clouds is leveraged in order to instantiate and setup clusters on a user’s demand. A simple, web-based mar- ket system is provided as the user interface. It allows the browsing, configuring and launching of different clusters of appliances. Running virtual machines are accessible directly from the market via integrated remote desktop software.

Matthias Steinbauer, Ismail Khalil, Gabriele Kotsis

28th Symposium on Applied Computing 2013, official website

The full paper can be downloaded here.


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