DynamoGraph: Final Presentation

31 Jan , 2017  

Today I successfully defended my PhD thesis titled “DynamoGraph: Large-scale Temporal Graph Processing and its Application Scenarios”. After almost 5 years of research in the area of large and temporal graphs, this milestone is finished, although there are still so many interesting things to uncover.



Inbetriebnahme pack_cube Teststellung

10 Jun , 2016  

Nach mehreren Monaten Entwicklungsarbeit an Hardware, Software und zusammenhängender Planung konnte ich heute gemeinsam mit der creative online systems im Technologiezentrum Neue Werft den ersten pack_cube in Testbetrieb nehmen. More…


Splace Magazine 2nd Edition

22 Jan , 2016  

Together with the team at the University of Art and Design Linz (Kunstuniversität Linz) our group at the Institute of Telecooperation, for the second time, held a joint course on Mobile Media Design. The intended output of this course is a novel digital magazine. More…


Six Ways To Use Big Data /

4 Jul , 2015  

Last month I was lucky enough to get interviewed by Lisa Morgan writing an article on How To Use Data To Outsmart Your Competitors. More…