Splace Magazine 2nd Edition

22 Jan , 2016  

Together with the team at the University of Art and Design Linz (Kunstuniversität Linz) our group at the Institute of Telecooperation, for the second time, held a joint course on Mobile Media Design. The intended output of this course is a novel digital magazine.This magazine is novel in that sense that it is a magazine which provides different means of consuming the content of the magazine. The content is designed for desktop and tablet browsers. While the desktop browser and a tablet in portrait mode convey almost traditional text and image based content as known from other digital magazines, the same content viewed in landscape mode on a tablet provides a totally different experience.

In portrait mode users are encouraged to interact with the content. Many spots in the article invite users to dig deeper into the content, to explore background material, and discuss the material in the system.

The landscape mode provides a visual, experimental, playful representation for each article. Games, videos, and experimental widgets allow users to explore the material in a totally different way. Users are encouraged to dive deep into art.

We are very proud that our students from the University of Art and Design and Johannes Kepler University created much of the widgets and content provided in landscape mode.

Sounds interesting? Head over to, best viewed with a tablet and extensively tested with iPads.

Interested in some background information, listen to this great radio show by Michael Diesenreither at Radio FRO (heads up, the show is in German).

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