How fit are you?

7 Jun , 2016  

Teachers of statistic courses and students self-educating themselves in statistical methods often lack real-world datasets to perform their analysis on. Truth to be told, performing linear regression analysis on made-up data also works but is only half the fun. This is why we asked the crowd to answer a simple fitness survey and here is the data.


The data is now available and can be downloaded as an Excel file here.

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Obviously the open-data cloud provides us with lots of publicly available datasets from various domains. However, oftentimes these datasets require to have a background in a certain field of study (chemistry, biology, etc.). I found that fitness data might be a field just about anyone knows the basics about and some of the hypothesis to ask are no-brainers:

Can we see in the data that working out has positive impact on your body mass index?

So please answer the survey on this website and come back soon to download the complete dataset!

If you are interested in the Google Forms used to collect the answers click here.

The dataset will be available on Google drive. The first version latest on the 15th of July 2016 or earlier if feedback is surprisingly good. The link will be provided here. Leave a comment to get updated information!

Disclaimer: The data will be collected anonymous under the terms of Google Forms. Will later be available under a Creative Commons for non-commercial use. The post serves research and teaching purposes only and is not affiliated with any company.

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