Learning-as-a-game in the Cloud

26 Sep , 2013  

In this paper presented at MicroLearning 7.0 in 2013 a deep insight on real world experience with micro learning in a training on the job environment is discussed.

Abstract: Mobility has become a crucial issue in learning. Current mobile phone platforms create the stepping stone for concepts that allow the learner to access nearly endless learning resources anytime, everywhere, by all means. In this paper we argue that mere access availability of content and its adaption to device capabilities is not enough. Successful learning needs to be persuasive and to engage the learner in all the aspects of the learning experience. This is why we aim to create a prototype for cloud based mobile learning that integrates concepts of context-based learning in a game-like environment, which is expected to appeal to learners motivation. We have deployed the prototype within the Austrian Red Cross organization and conducted first surveys that showed the users perception of these concepts.

Orifjon Orifov, Matthias Steinbauer, Ismail Khalil, Gabriele Kotsis

Download a one page preview here.

Full paper available upon request.

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