Take a Penny, Leave a Penny OR Scaling out to off-premise unused Cloud Resources

21 Sep , 2013  

During our current efforts in creating a platform for large-scale temporal graph analysis cloud based service play an important role. Most importantly fully automated deployment of compute clusters such as Hadoop, Storm, and S4 clusters on top of heterogenous Cloud systems are a cornerstone of this research. In this paper presented at the workshop Virtualisierung 2013 which was co-located with INFORMATIK 2013 in Koblenz Germany we discuss our own middle-ware (called cloud marketplace or marketplace) which can be used to create a transparent layer on top of Cloud systems to hide implementation details about cloud systems and distributed computing systems from users (in our case researchers). With the presented tools researchers at the Institute of Telecooperation were enabled to roll out and test large distributed computing systems.

Abstract: This work describes a system that enables sharing of cloud resources through a middle-ware layer we call market. It is designed with the requirements: minimal configuration, easy access and sharing in mind. This effort resulted in a platform that provides a common interface to cloud computing resources, hiding implementation details from the users and allowing them to tap into cloud resources from different vendors.The system supports extensible mechanisms to configure virtual machines dispensing the user from error-prone tasks, such as setting up and configuring com- pute clusters. A simple web based user interface is provided which allows browsing, configuring, launching and managing of virtual machines and virtual clusters. Inte- grated remote desktop facilities make the virtual computing resources accessible di- rectly from the user interface.

Matthias Steinbauer, Gabriele Kotsis

The full paper can be retrieved directly from Springer.

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