Cross-Platform App Game Challenge

15 Jun , 2014   Video

In the summer term 2014 I was teaching a course on cross-platform mobile app development. During the course we covered all different options for cross-platform development such as cross-compiling, compilation and conversion of intermediate code, and finally direct language execution. The class was graded based on student’s projects and I have to say they all did a great job. In this post you can see the first of a series of demo videos from the projects.

The projects were all implemented through direct language execution. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code is directly executed in managed web views. Technology wise the Apache Cordova project was used as a basis.

In the Game Challenge which was published in the Apple AppStore and and on Google Play users could challenge each other in quite tricky mini-games. The nice thing is that no complex registration is required and players can start just right away! Technology wise this app was done very professional: Grunt, Bower, and GulpJS are used to manage, compile, merge, and package the code and the project uses an asynchronous Node.js backend.

To sum things up great job congratulations to: Teo Babic, Florian Eckerstorfer, Paul Emathinger, Julia Fellner!

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