iiWAS 2013 Steinbauer Opening


Big Data in Large Scale Intelligent Smart City Installations

6 Dec , 2013  

This paper highlights how the domain of Smart Cities is often modeled by ontologies to create applications and services that are highly flexible, (re)configurable, and inter-operable. However, ontology repositories and their accompanying reasoning and rule languages face the disadvantage of bad run-time behavior, especially if the models grow large in size. We propose an architecture that uses tools and methods from the domain of Big Data processing in conjunction with an ontology repository and a rule engine to overcome potential performance bottlenecks that will occur in this scenario.

Sylva Girtelschmid, Matthias Steinbauer, Vikash Kumar, Anna Fensel, Gabriele Anderst- Kotsis

This paper was presented by Sylva Girtelschmid at iiWAS 2013 at FH Technikum Vienna, Austria. Since this time the conference was in Europe and specifically in in Austria we had the opportunity to all join the conference and great discussions. We would like to thank all guests in our session for your helpful remarks!

This paper won an Emerald best paper award! Thanks to all of my coauthors for their great effort in making this happen.

The full paper is available in the ACM Digital Library: Big Data in Large Scale Intelligent Smart City Installations

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